Some funny valentine-y words + food pun illustration this month with Holly Pixels! This month I’m trying- trying!- to keep these fun and fast. I’m always about more more more, so keeping colours and styles simple, limited colour palettes, and cute, simple drawings. I am hankering for some new brushes to try, if you’re a Procreate peep, what’s your most favorite brush these days? 

I’ll keep adding them as I go. I did tomorrow’s yesterday, as I’ll be busy working on art for my agent all weekend, getting a bit ahead of schedule so I can cut back on multitasking from doing 800 things at once to maybe 500, haha.

I’m a bit behind in posting, I have some painting commissions to share with you! And an upcoming mini show I’m working on. You can see some sneak peeks on Instagram here. Also I’m plotting my plan for my self-imposed 100 days of Art challenge, starting beginning of March. It’s gonna be fun! At least I hope so lol.

More soon! Happy Friday to you!