Happy Friday!

So yep, totally bailed on the Inktober and Hollyween daily drawing challenges on Instagram. Not for lack of trying but it was just one. more. thing. to get done. And I had/have/can keep myself busy for years way too much other stuff to get done.

Instead, I’ve been plugging along on our company website, It’s nowhere near finished but I met one big project goal yesterday which was one of those multi-hinged ones- like I have to do these ten things before I can do this one thing and then once that’s done, that next part can proceed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Omg. But it’s coming along. (Do people even look at websites anymore?!)

I heard from my agent that another one of my card designs was picked up by a certain funky US grocery chain that I looooove and wish would expand into Canada, hint hint hint, so that is really exciting.

Alongside that, I’ve been keeping up with Spoonflower contests and trying to work a bit ahead.

My Birds and Berries design finished 3rd place this week, very exciting! Massive thanks to everyone who voted for their faves! I also did up a winter version.

The current contest is a Cut and Sew theme, where you create a project to fit on a Fat Quarter of fabric that can be cut out and sewn up. I did Christmas-y mug rugs.

I’ve ordered some of the fabric to sew up so I can show you what they actually look like, still waiting, tap tap tap, and hopefully Canada Post doesn’t go on strike, gah!

The next Spoonflower design challenge is a large-scale wallpaper for a “Gender Neutral Nursery” theme. I went with a clamshell pattern layered with greys, grunge, dots, and a little paper boat catching stars. A touch of digital silver “glitter” for good measure!

Pleasant Dreaming

It’s a larger repeat size, so each clamshell is 4″ across. I think it would make a cute quilt top (or back) or squishy soft velvet pillows too.

For something a bit different and fun, I entered a Peanut Butter Recipe design/illustration challenge on They Draw and Cook which was really fun to do!

Fingers crossed, voting for faves will be up online in November!

And then, I entered a cover design in the Uppercase Magazine 10th anniversary cover design contest. I’m keeping mine secret for now though.

Are you tired yet? No wonder I’ve been falling asleep on the couch at 8pm lol.


Coming up, my next big goal project is to use Nanowrimo month to tackle a personal passion project I have had brewing in my head for years. It won’t be a novel though, but rather a kids book. That’s all I’m sayin’ for now, but I’ll be posting progress on Instagram to keep myself accountable.


Speaking of next month, I will have some art and handmade things coming up for sale right here- my weekend project is to get the bones of that ready to go, photos taken, and ready to go online with some fun stuff in time for Christmas shopping season!

I considered looking into doing an art/craft show but damn. Too slow. So, online it will be. I’ll post more here and on socials as it starts happening. (I won’t be doing the sale at my house this year, everything will be online so stay tuned to nab your faves for your peeps on your list if you’ve been eyeballing anything!)

Didn’t I say I could keep myself busy for years? Yep. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

More soon!

With much love and gratitude as always!