I finally took the leap and started a Craftsy pattern shop! This is my first free pattern that I’ve added, I’ll have more to come, both free and not free (a girl’s gotta eat, or at least treat herself to a chocolate bar or some new fabric here and there!).

I started things off with a funky rotary phone block I’ve called Ring Ring!

I love old rotary dial phones, they are just so very vintage (is it really considered vintage that we had one when I was growing up?!) and boy did they ever ring loud! I’m always watching for them at the local thrifts but they are tough to find, especially in fun colours. So! I made a quilt block to hold me over until the day that one shows up at the thrift store for me to take home and love.

It is a scrappy paper pieced block, so you need to know the basics in paper piecing, or be willing to learn on the fly and google some tutorials (there are loads of good ones out there!).

ringring square

For mine I used some Kona Highlight for the phone, then assorted grey, black and white, and neutral scraps to really make the phone pop! The biggest piece is the phone body but you can likely pull from your scrap bin and be just fine.

ring ring block

The centre dial pieces are done with applique, you can use whatever technique you want, machine, by hand, fusible, freezer paper, raw edge, whatever method has got your number, baby!

Head over to my Craftsy shop here and you can download the pattern for free! I’d love to see yours if you make some, please feel most welcome to tag me on Instagram or send me a link! Happy sewing!

Ring ring! Hey would somebody get that…!?