Along with paintings, fabric design, pattern design, quilting, sewing, making art…. you might not have known I’m a graphic designer and design work is what I do every day, for my “work” work. I’ve been at it for a loooong time, (I’m at the “lifer” stage now lol!) and I still love it. Design has always been a passion of mine.

One of my longer term, and lovely, clients, Jive Communications, came to me to create some signage for a special event, Fashion Blooms benefitting Pacific Autism Family Centre right here in BC. Deadlines and turnarounds were really fast but we did it!

Fashion Blooms Final -1

Photos by Charles Zuckermann, Zook-it

I created some special signage for the event including a text treatment and overall look that can be used every year going forward,  plus detailed sponsorship packages, and invitations.

Fashion Blooms Final -150

Photos by Charles Zuckermann, Zook-it

I was so glad to help them create a nice fresh design for such a lovely and valuable cause!

You can check out some more details on this project here!

And, just as a toot toot! I’m accepting new design projects so if you need some special design or illustration work done, have a look thru my portfolio, send me a note, and let me know what I can help you with!