I have a kinda crazy week coming up this week – including my tattoo session 2 yay!- so I spent the weekend get caught up on some licensed Valentine art project requests, some new designs for my shops on Society 6, Spoonflower, Tee Public, Casetify, Red Bubble, and Poster Lounge. (You can find links to each one here!)

You probably know by now, I put swears in a lot of my artwork for my shops, it sells so I go with that and make more sweary silliness as I come up with new ideas.
No offence intended, it’s all for fun!

Here’s one, because right?

(Click images to find them in my Society 6 shop, also available on tees in my Tee Public shop, coming shortly to all of my other shops!)

And a non-swear but it cracks me up!

I’ve also added some sweary fabric repeats, like this one,

and tea towel designs to my Spoonflower shop, you can find them all here.

And I’m keeping up with the weekly contests at Spoonflower, which is always fun! This week’s theme is Tacos and Burritos, I have no idea where this tiki concept came from but I went with it, Tiki Tiki Taco!

I have loads of new designs up in my shop and I will have a pattern or two coming up to share with you, once my next fabric order arrives.

That’s it for now, more new goodies coming up shortly!

With many thanks as always for supporting me and my work!