Today’s quote is all about your inner critic. Everyone has one. And they are all big jerk faces.

Your inner critic can stop you from doing all kinds of cool stuff, make you feel like a piece of crap, or just wreak havoc on your shining spirit. They are born from fear and sometimes have good intentions, although misguided or mis-worded, to try to protect you from getting hurt. But if you listen too much, you can get trapped in an endless loop of playing small and not really expanding yourself. And that is where they are jerks. They’ll do whatever they can to keep you small. Don’t listen to them!

I wrestle with this sometimes. What will people think of this if I post it? Is my work good enough? Somebody else is doing this too, how does my work compare?  I want to try to do this, but what if it’s not “cool”? What if I’m not cool? What if I suck. Oh god I suck. My work sucks. That other person is doing it way better than me.  I’m going to just go putz on social media and not do anything. Oh look a funny dog video! Oh no I’ve spent 4 hours on Pinterest pinning stuff I know I’ll never do or look at again. I never do anything. What am I doing?

Stop it.

Do it anyway. Stop comparing. Nobody is the same as you and nobody sees the world the way you do. Who says what’s cool is anyways? Maybe you can singlehandedly redefine “cool”? Let your light shine, let your work fly, let your self be your self. Do what comes from your heart.

Your inner critic will always be there but you can tone them down and say, “Listen buster. I’m doing this right now for me, so shut the eff up and let me do it.”

And then do it. And see what happens.