I joined in the Holly Jolly Design Challenge on Instagram hosted by @oliviaherrickdesign to challenge myself to do some different design and illustration projects!

In my regular graphic design work, a lot of the projects I work on are for private companies that have very strict brand and design standards. On one hand, it makes my job a bit easier, since you can’t stray from the established design look, fonts, layouts, etc. so you work within that framework and get ‘er done. But on the other hand, it can be challenging because you just! wanna! try! something! new! but can’t. And, a lot of the projects themselves, I cannot share or take any credit for, even in my design portfolio. I appreciate it but man, sometimes it’s tricky!

So, I came across this challenge and wanted to give it a go to really stretch my design wings and play within a set “brief” and see what I can do to push the boundaries.
Today’s project is to design a card or illustration- I chose card, because dang I love designing cards, using the provided quote, the rest is up to the designer, me!
Also a short time limit was recommended, and while I do already work fast, I pushed myself to just do it & not overthink it, and go with whatever mistakes or oopses happen and make them work.

So, I busted out my watercolours and gouache, and got busy. Everything is handpainted, even the lettering – oh my sooo in my happy place!- and then scanned, cleaned up, and assembled in Illustrator.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s project will be!
#hollyjollydesignchallenge #illustration #christmas #christmascards