I have been having a blast with the Spoonflower tea towel design contests! I ordered some of each of my designs, since I’m going to be a vendor at a special girls’ night event at the Reach Gallery next month, so much fun! So I’ll have some of these all ready for sale, plus a few other goodies I just sent off to the printer in Vancouver today. (Stay tuned!)

Here are some photos of each designed printed and sewn up, I am loving the new Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra at Spoonflower, it prints up so nice, crisp, and bright! My plans for a nice outdoor photoshoot were foiled by rainy weather so indoors had to do. A little bit of clothesline, tape, and clothes pegs worked like a charm!

You can find a link to each fabric below it’s photo, if you’re interested in ordering some fabric to stitch up some tea towels for yourself. They make a great reusable gift wrap, hostess or teacher gift, or just a fun touch for your own kitchen and home. There is a 1″ hem allowance all around so they are easy to sew up. I finished the two long side edges first by pressing under 1″, then folding the raw edges under to meet the crease, and edgestitching along the pressed edge, being sure to tuck in the ribbon hanging loop on one side top corner, then finished the top edges last and tucking in the other end of the hanging ribbon under the top edge hem.


Have a Drink on Me

recipe-tea-towelVirginia’s Dessert


Home is where the heart is



Have a beautiful year, 2017 Calendar

This one I’m particularly happy with how it printed, well all of them really, but on this one I scanned in some painted brushstrokes to use in the background, and it came out nice and bright.

Each tea towel has a ribbon hanging loop sewn into one corner on the back, to make it easy to hang them up after use.


Sew much fun!

More goodies coming up soon to my shop, including some Christmas cards, and some new patterns as well, stay tuned!
With much love and gratitude…