As my main creative job, I am a graphic/web designer and illustrator. I have been very fortunate to have a lot of word of mouth advertising from happy clients, colleagues and friends, and as a result, I work with different clients all over the world, which is really darn awesome. When my good friends Kathy and Joelle at Moxie Design Studios referred Pam of Moms Run This Town to me for a race medal design, I was so thrilled! Since our first medal design together, we’ve created several more, plus, we just started working on some custom fabric prints for their own branded running and fitness gear! How exciting is that, and such an honour to have my designs printed for their garments, so very cool.

Pam is so awesome and fun to work with, (and you can check out what she says about working with me here!) and now she just gives me a general theme, colour ideas, or a concept for her upcoming race events, and I’ll come up with the rest.

Moms Run this Town medals

There are always actual production specs and considerations to work within, such as overall size/proportions, text readability, and how the medals are made, with each coloured area having to be separated from the others. The last three medals, we even added some glitter, which made us both squee in delight! (Another glitter aficionado, love it!).

We just finished another design recently, you can check out the MRTT Instagram feed for a sneak peek, follow, and to send them some love!

Many thanks to Pam for her awesome ongoing projects, so much fun and can’t wait to start the next design!


And, we’re always accepting new clients and projects, so if you’d like to hire us, please drop me a line directly and we can get to know you and have some fun working together!