Coloricombo September #1

girl with daisies saying I love me, I love me a lot

Yippee! I’m joining the new Coloricombo challenge this month with @estemacleod &

The first colour prompt is Opera Pink (swoon), Bubblegum, Mango, and Brick Red.

I’m working on a series that I plan to turn into paintings as well, and potentially a printed calendar for 2023.
So I’ve got a theme, kind of a mashup of healing, growing, love, living in the moment, gratitude, you get the idea.

The first one, I love me… I love me a lot.
It’s a bit of a journey sometimes to learn to love yourself for real.
Took me ages to figure that out. I’m still figuring that out!
I came from a childhood of no love, no hugs, no I love you’s, no support, not much of anything, just survival in a hugely chaotic and stressful home.
I finally woke up to what exactly was going on several years ago and walked away once and for all to save myself.

I’ve since discovered who I am without all the baggage that was dumped on me as the f*mily trashcan aka scapegoat.
And I think I’m pretty great!

I’m constantly reminding myself that I *can* do, wear, be, whatever and whoever I want now and not worry about being criticized, belittled, made fun of, or dismissed.
I can go swim in the ocean and play with my dogs and giggle with my husband and not have anything to worry about except enjoying the moment.

And I love that, and I love me for making that happen.
And that’s the trip and the journey and it’s pretty rad.

If nobody has told you lately, you’re amazing and deserve so much love for yourself!
And you can tell yourself that, “I love me!” And that’s a squeezy burst of love right there comin’ atcha from you to you.
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