I’ve been busy this weekend working on my Coat of Paint! I wanted to get the painting itself done this weekend, so it can dry for at least one day, then I can sew it together and start embellishing with sequins, beads, Swarovski crystals, etc.

But going back to where I left off, first things first!

I tested my welt pocket first, following this tutorial on Craftsy.

pocket test

It worked just great! (don’t you love my fabric combo here, niiiiice, lol!)

So, with that figured out, I went on to the “for real” fabric, eek!

real pocket

Luckily, it also worked just fine, phew. I adore the lining fabric, it is called Suns and Moons, from Cloud 9 Fabrics. I bought myself a small piece quite sometime ago, when my friend Cathy was ordering some fabric-y goodies from the US, I tagged my order along with hers. Then my bestie Bea gave me a huge piece she found at her local thrift! (How could anyone get rid of this fabric, whut?!) So I am set, although I am still hoarding it for special projects like this only.

Ok so pockets done, I realized this coat needs lining. The organizer, Nell, is going to be sending out patterns for the lining, however, if the postal strike happens, it likely won’t arrive to me in time. So! Being proactive and erring on the side of caution, I googled how to make a lining pattern for an unlined jacket, and bingo! A few different tutes I found helped me figure it out. It’s not a complicated jacket, and it’s loose fitting, so it wasn’t complicated to make a pattern for it.

lining pattern

I have a few chunks of vintage-y lining I am deciding between, so I’ll share once I decide which one will work. I made the pattern and set it aside for later.

Ok! Now on to the fun stuff, paint!


I had ironed the fabric pieces (it was also pre-washed/pre-shrunk as a very first step) and got busy painting!

Ha like my video? Tricky to do with one hand while painting, but you get the idea. I’m using regular artist’s acrylics, and I added fabric medium to my paint. However! I ran out of the medium. Quick trip to the local chain arts n’ crafts store where it came from and they only had one tiny bottle left, bah! Over to the local smaller art store and the poor clerk had no idea what I was looking for. Turns out they didn’t have any anyways. So, I used what I had and the rest is just plain acrylics on top. It’ll be fine. A good heat set with the iron once it’s dry will take care of it.

So! First I basecoated the panels with red, pink, magenta, and crimson, for the lower area which would eventually be flowers, and blues and purples for a “night sky” above. I also used some of my favorite glow-y metallic paints, Lumiere, (my fab creative aunt Mary got me hooked on them!) and bubble wrap for some fun texture, check it out:

Just take a big brush, sloop some paint onto a chunk of bubble wrap, and press onto the painted background, lovely bubbly texture. I try not to get carried away with it but dang! I can’t help myself sometimes. It’s just too fun. Anyway!


Here’s one front panel with the basecoat done. The other front piece was outside drying in the sunshine at this point.

back basecoated

And the back panel. This is where I got to yesterday.

painting flowers

Today I started the fun part, the details! I wanted my coat to be a colourful flower garden underneath a night sky.

front and back progress

I blocked in where the flowers would go a bit first, then a bit around them in the background, then finished them up, adding starry and leafy dots, twigs, and flower details. I kept it somewhat simpler than usual, knowing I’ll be going back in with sequins and embellishments later. Here are the fronts,

front and back done

and the back, done!

back done

A few detail shots, I painted right over the pocket welt flaps.I thought I was quite clever as I stuck scotch tape over the fabric lining inside around the open edge so I wouldn’t get paint on it. I also wrapped the actual pocket pieces, underneath, with freezer paper, just in case any paint seeped through from the front.

front detail1

front detail 2

my space

And done! Now they’ll sit to dry overnight, (or maybe a bit longer depending on how busy I am with client work this week), then it’ll be on to sewing them together and playing with the sparkly embellishments!


Hooray! Now I’m wiped.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a fun quilty challenge I came up with after an Instagram post of my insane scrap sorting day(s) tidying up my sewing room. Stay tuned for that and hope you’ll play along if you feel called to!