My friend Nell is an amazing and super talented and creative fibre and stitching artist, who lives on the Sunshine Coast, BC. She invited me to take part in an upcoming show called “Coats of Paint” where an artist is paired up with a stitcher/fibre artist and together they a “Coat of Paint” which will be displayed as part of the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. Here’s the official show description from the Facebook page:

“‘Coats of Paint’ a wearable art fashion show that will start this year’s Sunshine Coast, BC, Art Crawl. A fashion show that will include painters and textile artists.
Painters paint the fabric like they would a canvas. Textile artists can embellish and construct the coat of paint. Collaboration is encouraged but not essential. Painters can have seamstress sew up the coat without any textile embellishment.
It’s a blank canvas….the only rule is it’s a coat and it includes paint (to fit the title!)
Fabric and coat pattern are provided, the pattern is universal size…this needs to be respected.
Textile artists can add collars, cuffs, lengthen, add fastenings. Dye, Layer fabrics, quilt, stitch embellish….and paint
Painters can layer paints, splash paints, paint fabric pieces to stitch onto the coat, paint the fabric after its been stitched….as long as they add paint to fabric somewhere on the coat.
How much painting and stitching is entirely down to the artist and collaboration.
Coats will need to be ready by Mid-September.
On Wednesday Oct 19th there will be a fashion show of the wearable coats, models will become live mannequins so the art can be viewed like a work of art. A silent style auction will take place. $250 is the minimum bid for all coats. Artists will receive approximately 80% of selling price.”

I was lucky to be invited to participate, even though I’m not on the Sunshine Coast, and, since I live a good drive and a ferry ride away, I get to do both parts myself, as a quilter/sewist, and an artist!

Coats of Paint

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with work, and tidying/reorganizing my creative spaces, finally, but yesterday I got to sit down and sketch my plans, and today paint hits the fabric! I want to share my process on this project, so I’ll share as I go. Likely you’ll get to see first peeks if you find me on Instagram as I post there most regularly…!

Step one

Here’s the fabric washed and ready to go! Nell drew the coat pattern pieces right onto the fabric, so I’ll cut them out then get busy painting.

But first, I decided that a good coat needs pockets! Where else do you store your magical finds and secret lucky charms? So I’m adding some welt pockets to the front pieces before I paint. And testing them first before I slice into this fabric, since I haven’t made a welt pocket since highschool sewing class, eek! I found a tute on Craftsy to make them that should fit the bill. So first,
– Test the pocket construction and size with scrap fabric.
– Then make the for real ones on the coat.
– Then paint!

Stay tuned for more updates, this is going to be a blinged up, super colourful, flowery coat, sooooo in my element, and I’m so excited and grateful to be included in such an exciting and fun show!