Chosen is the new family

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Chosen is the new family.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, & being 100% no contact with my f*mily of origin for almost 6 years now.
Some people get it, some don’t.
Walking away from whatever family you had is serious & hard, but in my case, necessary to save myself.
They made it impossible to stay.
They tried to split up my marriage, stole, lied, smear campaigned to whoever would listen. Even sent a family member who had Alzheimers to attack me, with written directions on how to get to my house & a list of questions to grill me with. (When I shared some truths with that person, I saw their mind change in an instant & they apologized profusely). After they left, we were just like- Did they actually stoop that low to prey on someone who had diminished mental health? Did they actually go there? Unreal and so messed up.

After all of it & all the damage they did? They expected me to stay & pretend that none of it happened! They seem to think that I can’t think for myself.
Says everything about them & nothing about me.

Some people still choose to believe them, without ever having spoken to me about any of it, & that’s their choice.
Some people play both sides or stay “neutral” which is just as bad.
Some still believe all the stories & believe I’m the horrid person I was made out to be (Hint: I’m not).
Everyone has a choice & whatever they choose to believe is on them.

The people I choose to have in my life (& who choose me) are the ones I care about & love. & have become family in different ways.
They see me for me, & know the real me, not the person that was invented to be the f*mily garbagecan, the catch-all for every.single.issue. whether it was anything to do with me, or not (99.9% not).

I am SO glad I escaped.
My life, work, & career, have blossomed & I’ve grown.
My nervous system has relaxed & anxiety levels have dropped.
I can breathe, finally.

I truly believe that art saved me and my soul. Through everything, it was the one constant I could rely on.
& now I’m a good distance from the whole situation, I can really see that.
& I have a lot to say, so will be sharing more art around this in hopes that it might help even just one person to know they are not alone.
I know no contact is sometimes not an option, but for me, it was everything & has made a world of difference.

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