I’ve just added some all new designs  to my Society6 shop!

As always, if it’s not your thing, no offence intended, nor taken. Please disregard & look away!
I create these designs for fun, and often as requests. Just giving the peeps what they want!


There is a great sale on right now too to kick off holiday shopping madness for Black Friday, and more on thru next week, sale deets below:

11/24-11/29: Black Friday Sale: 30% Off + Free Shipping on Everything
Start: Sunday, 11/24/19 at 12:00AM PT
End: Friday, 11/29/19 at 11:59PM PT
Details: 30% off + free standard shipping on everything (excludes digital gift cards).

11/30-12/2: Cyber Monday Sale: Up to 50% Off Everything + Free Shipping on Everything
Start: Saturday, 11/30/19 at 12:00AM PT
End: Monday, 12/2/19 at 11:59PM PT
Details: 50% off posters, art prints, phone cases + stickers; 40% off tapestries, framed prints, comforters, duvet covers + wall hangings; 30% off mugs, throw blankets, throw pillows + pouches; 25% off everything else + free standard shipping (excludes digital gift cards).

12/3: Cyber Tuesday Sale: 25% Off + Free Shipping on Everything
Start: Tuesday, 12/3/19 at 12:00AM PT
End: Tuesday, 12/3/19 at 11:59PM PT

Whatcha waiting for!?


Also, as a note: My art gets stolen and put up on knockoff sites a LOT. It’s futile, I try to do something about it when I can but these thieves just pop back up again. So, please, please, please do not purchase anything from sites like Wish, AliExpress, Etsy (unless via Spoonflower), or Amazon. I don’t sell anything directly on those platforms so you’ll be purchasing a stolen design & knockoff. It might be cheaper but you get what you pay for.

Please support us small indie designers and purchase through our shops that we promote ourselves! Every sale helps support me, and every theft hurts.

Find my stuff on my Shop page linked above and a direct link to my Society 6 shop is here.

With much love and gratitude as always,