Cheap n’ Cheerful Gift for pets- pet placemats! Great for hoomans too!

Need a quick gift for a favorite pet parent and [...]

Repost- the Merry and Bright Table runners, two options!

I'm reposting these runners I designed last year, in time [...]

Tea towels and more tea towels, and a 5th place finish!

The voting for week two of the tea towel challenges [...]

Janome Canada Maker: Mod Pods Pillow Pattern

I am so excited to reveal a project, or rather [...]

Podcast with Pat Sloan, coming up on April 25th!

Oh my goodness I'm so excited and a bit nervous [...]

Making Merry with Janome: Hexi Holidays Table Mat

I'm so thrilled to be Making Merry with Janome! I [...]

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