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    New art finishes!

    June 12, 2017

    Two new pieces finished for my upcoming show at the Mission Arts Council gallery in September!

    The first one is a scene from my aunt and uncle’s yard in South Surrey.

    Happy Thoughts, 20″x24″, acrylic on canvas

    When we visited my aunt and uncle’s beautiful home one day, I spotted these two chairs nestled in the back garden, awaiting visitors to come and sit and enjoy the quiet spot. I asked if I could do a painting of them, and capture the peaceful atmosphere they’ve created in their yard, and of course they said yes! I hope I have done them and the chairs, proud!

    I added a happy, smiling buddha, tucked in amongst the flowers, to remind me of the happiness and friendship my aunt and uncle bring to our lives.

    The next piece, just finished this weekend, is another piece inspired by my aunt and uncle, this time from a trip they took to Maui.

    Maui Zen, 30″x40″, acrylic on canvas

    My aunt and uncle are great adventurers and when I saw this photo my aunt had taken at a Maui sugar cane farm, I knew I had to paint it! I’ve always loved anything Hawaii, and this scene captured the feel of the warm weather, the scent of plumeria in the air, the warm breezes, and smell of the ocean. Ah zenful bliss!

    All of the pieces I’ve been working on (and have yet to work on!) will be for sale at the gallery in September. I’ll post all the info, opening date, and show details soon!

    I’ve been reformatting my work days to do client work 8-1pm, and paint 1-6pm, and it’s really working out well. I feel a lot better being able to dive into painting every afternoon with good solid chunks of time. I do have quite a few pieces to get done still, eek!- so I’ll be sticking to this schedule indefinitely. It’s good for the soul to have time every day to just do my thing, and much needed in so many ways. Client work has been really busy lately which is awesome, but sitting at the computer for 8-10 hrs a day isn’t good for the bod (or as we call it, the “designer spread”).  Getting up and painting and moving is a very good thing all around!

    More soon, I’ve just started a piece of one of my very favorite places I’ve ever visited, you can follow me on Instagram to see how it’s going…!

    With much love and gratitude as always,

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