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    100ish Days, 100 Arts – Day 2, Piece #2!

    March 6, 2018

    Day 2, Piece #2, $2 (free shipping)

    She’s pretty sure she’s found her tribe of fellow freaks just like her. Call her quirky, or weird, or say that she marches to her own beat and she will thank you for the compliment. Thanks! Her heart shines and she is just who she is. As she should be. (And if you try to tell her to be otherwise she might bite- just kidding, kinda).

    Piece info: 
    Acrylic, shimmer acrylic ink, permanent ink, and gold glitter, on canvas board
    Protected with water-based varnish
    Bonus- board has a flat magnet on back, so you can put it on your fridge! (Or frame it!)

    Shipping is included. One of a kind, only ONE available!

    Payment by Paypal below, please confirm your mailing address in Paypal, in the notes section.

    If you click the Buy Now button and it says the item is unavailable, it has already sold.

    Thank you!!! If you miss out, Piece #3 is coming up tomorrow for only $3, stay tuned!

    SOLD! Thank you!!

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