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    February 1, 2018

    Wow it’s February already, how did that happen?

    I’ve been working away on some new lettering and new art for my agent.

    The last ones for January for the challenge with Holly Pixels:


    I’m still figuring out Procreate and all the fun things you can do with it. There is so much to experiment with! This one I used the Nebula brush to get the funky magic clouds, and the water brush for the oceany wavey action at the bottom.

    February’s theme is foody puns, and this is the first one for today:

    My plan for this month is to do a simpler approach with a limited palette and different lettering styles and brushes. And work fast, to finish each one within an hour or less from initial sketch to finished art.

    I have to say I love Procreate and love that I can do my thumbnail/rough sketch in there too, it’s like digital paper & pencil. So cool.

    I’m also playing along with HomSweetHom and her #homwork challenge. This week was to take the much overused and annoyingly overdone saying “Live Love Laugh” and put your own spin on it. I think this covers it…

    I just got some glitter brushes from The Pigeon Letters on Etsy– they are so much fun! Much potential to add more sparkle, and you know sparkle is my thing.

    And finally, just messing with drawing and practicing, I created this wee little flowery heart, just for fun.

    I’m going to be sending out an email to my subscribers list- probably the first one ever?  My 100 pieces of art in 100 days self challenge I plan to start  in March, so I want to give a heads up. I’ll be sending out emails every day so if you want to opt out, that is a-ok.  But if you want to stay in, awesome! I’ll be sending it out in the next day or so to give ample warning.

    More coming soon!

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