magic case

I’ve been busy adding some designs to my new Casetify Shop, and in keeping with the “Word of the Year” theme, I’ve created some designs with some of my fave words on them. There are a couple of variations, some with a glittery background and the word is clear so it’s a bit subtle but still very much there.

artist case

love case

And of course, a glittery variation of the words in gold glitter on a clear background.

magic scrawl case

Do you have a favorite word or hashtag that you’d want to get made up on a case to make a statement all your own? A favorite color of glitter? Let me know and I might  be able to set it up for you in my shop.

Funny thing is, my own phone is too old now and I can’t make one for me, yet, but you can guess which one I will be getting when I upgrade… #wink!

Head over to my Casetify Shop to see all of my current designs and purchase a little somethin’ somethin’ just for you…!