This flu kicked my butt big time! I’m still fighting the leftovers of it a week and a half in, so bear with me.

I’m still working on my hospice art pieces, and don’t have to much to share yet on them, but will very soon. Luckily I got a bit of an extension, phew. Being sick sucks.

Recently though I finished this piece, just some after-work non-computer art time that turned into a funky spring bouquet!

Spring Burst Bouquet Full

I have a bunch of canvases in various stages of finished or not finished, lurking in my art room closet that got doomed to sit in the dark with the spiderwebs and dust bunnies after they didn’t turn out how I wanted. I’ve been playing with this new, more intuitive style, and I decided rather than to buy more canvases, I’d repurpose those poor souls I’d hidden away and give them pretty new makeovers.


There’s something liberating about, first, painting over something you did previously that was really fugly, or didn’t work, or was some idea that didn’t really pan out as planned.


Squish some bright colours overtop of the old and suddenly it’s happy again! And, second, since it was something was originally destined to never be finished, or gasp! head to the great art bin in the sky- it’s even more fun to experiment and play overtop, ‘cuz, who cares how it turns out at this point!

Spring Burst Bouquet

And, if it comes out really badly on second (or third) go ’round, just stick it back in the closet to await another makeover some other day, no harm no foul.

This piece originally had some collage layers on it and some flowery thingamabobs drawn on it waiting for colour but I had lost interest. It made a perfect background for this piece (and if you know where to look you can see some of the drawing peeping through still in spots).


As it turns out though, I’m pretty happy with this one! And I learned some new techniques while I was at it. Cheap n’ cheerful is always good in my books.


More to come soon!