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I’ve been working on new designs and adding them to my shop. Some swears and some not, like this new one for us fabulous sparkly Boss Ladies.

I’ll add some disclaimers here:

* Be warned when you click through, (funny) profanities abound.

** Not intended to be offensive, it’s all for fun! 

*** Again, no offense intended. If you don’t like swears, you can avert your eyes.

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So what’s the story behind the swear designs?

The idea came to me when dealing with somebody who was being realllllly difficult, and I thought, how funny would it be to have a pretty, flowery mug on your desk that at first glance looks innocent but then, heyyyyy!  Expressing those sentiments in a pretty script and surrounded by flowers, how funny would that be?

And apparently they are a hit! Do you have a fave? Let me know!

With much love as always,