I must be squeaky clean by now, heehee!

Seriously though, I’ve been working away on the second piece for Abbotsford Hospice Society and Holmberg House. Regular work has been really busy so during the week I could only sneak in about an hour a day painting time, which got me pretty much nowhere. Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday I got down to business, deadline is fast approaching and this piece had to get finished stat to make room for the next pieces coming up, all due in a couple of weeks, eek!


Here’s where I finished yesterday afternoon, the lower areas need finishing and tidying up then it’s done! Today should be the day, then if it stops raining, ever, I’ll get a nice shot of this piece outside in natural light.


No you can’t eat it girlfriend, as yummy and juicy as it is!

My amazing and uber-talented friend Dave Benning recommended this brand of paint, Kroma Acrylics, which is made in Vancouver on Granville Island. I picked up a couple of tubes to try it and goodness it’s lovely stuff. This colour in particular, Cobalt Teal, is stunning. It’s funny too because it  kind of acts like a light neutral in the right setting. I used almost the entire large tube on this piece, which only means I must plan a trip to Granville Island asap to restock, and maybe get my mitts on a couple more of their juicy colours. I’ll take one of each please! Oh how I’d love to stock my entire studio with every single colour in the lovely large tubs. Simply dreamy. Is it weird I just want to stick my hands in it and squish it through my fingers in all it’s lovely creamy juicy goodness?

This style of painting is also beating my brain up every day.


From very planned pieces, to no exact plan. In between this large piece and the next one coming up, I might squeeze in one of this style of freeform flowers and shapes to play more freeform-ly- is that a word?- it is now, lol. It’s fun to just brush layers of colours around and see what comes out of the shapes that appear.

In completely different news, I have a new collection up on Spoonflower, “Hello I Love You”, inspired by old office supplies, sticky notes, journals, stationery, things you find on your desk, in modern/retro form. I submitted this collection quite a while ago, and it went back and forth a couple of times for some revisions, but in the end it didn’t get thru to the next round, (it happens, and it’s all good and part of the process),  so it’s now available for sale on Spoonflower!

hello I love you collection

More fabric collections are brewing, and, this past week I got my sample yardage of a new collection coming out with my fab Robert Kaufman peeps soon, stay tuned for more info on that when I can officially share!

Is this kind of  a peek inside my brain, on a daily basis? I flip between art, design, paint, digital, drawing, designing repeats, illustration, regular design work, typesetting and formatting, client requests and replies, about a million times a day. And I love it.

More to come!