Where to even begin!

We’re moved and are absolutely loving our new home, property, and area. Every day hubby and I say to each other, I love this place!
We live within walking distance to the ocean and driving distance to some gorgeous beaches, as well as many good friends and chosen family.
My heart is full of happiness, relief, peace, and contentment.

We have a nice neighbour, and it’s SO quiet and dark at night, even on weekends. Heavenly relief.

We hired a fab contractor to build my new studio space and they are making quick time turning a nasty old garage into a bright new studio. So exciting and very much a dream coming true! I’ll share some photos once it starts taking a bit more shape.

My anxiety and stress levels have gone down a few more notches and I can feel myself relaxing into this new place physically and emotionally. Not having to worry if I’ll run into anyone toxic from the old location who I don’t ever want to see again, is an added bonus, and we’re only sharing our new information with our trusted chosen people. We left behind former f*mily who were hurtful, cruel, and abusive. They made it very clear they didn’t want me around anymore- trying to split up my marriage of almost 23 years and going so far as disinheriting me based on delusion and lies- so for me it’s a no-brainer.  We removed ourselves from the situation and literally moved along, it’s such a healing, and HAPPY- place to be.

We’re still getting everything set up and unpacked, and I’m still getting caught up with my work schedule, almost there, and everything has gone just wonderfully. Couldn’t ask for much more.

I’ve been working on some new art for my Spoonflower shop, sweary + mask sized prints are a hit, so I added some new holidays/Chr*stmas designs, just for fun.
If you don’t like sweary stuff, scroll on past. No offence intended nor taken.

More soon once I have a chance to breathe, itching to paint in my new studio to be!

For now, you can find my new designs in my Spoonflower shop, more sweary stuff is coming soon!