I’ve been swamped with work, creating new art, painting, taking a silkscreening course, more work, sleeping, you name it!

I thought I’d do a quicky update in instagram format, with more in depth posts coming when I can breathe a bit…

Top left to right, working down:

– Work continues on paintings for my upcoming solo show at the MAC gallery in September.
– We got a major snowstorm here, it was insane! Around 2 feet of snow, there is still a tiny bit lingering and they are saying there is more to come this weekend, nooooo!
– Strong Heart, design I did for Pink Shirt Day/ Anti-Bullying Day, a cause near and dear to my heart. You can find it in my Society 6 shop here.
– My entry in the past week’s Spoonflower design contest, Underwater Creatures, Mermaid Spirits. It placed somewhere in the 200’s in the votes/contest, my worst finish yet, lol. It’s all good.
– More snow.
– Celebrating a happy life. This year has been full of huge and positive changes. We had to celebrate it!
– Sketching, quilting, snowing, again.

– I took a silkscreening course at Maiwa in Vancouver. It was great! I’m itching to play more with it. We got to try all kinds of different printing techniques, one fun one was solar printing, the top right image shows what I did. Love it!
– The Detroit MQG  had a class and sewed up a bunch of my Sewing Date Traveller Totes, a free pattern I designed for Robert Kaufman, how cool is that!
– More printing, fabric and silk painting, and stamping, I did at the silkscreen workshop.
– Our FVMQG, of which I am a co-founder, brought in Sew Katie Did for a weekend, and I went to her trunkshow with my friend Cathy. I am taking a break from quilt guild this year, to focus on my licensing art, business, and of course, painting painting painting for my show in September. Something had to give and that was it, for this year anyway.
– I worked on getting my creative spaces cleaned up, organized, and tidy, and made a little love sign to go with.
– Our little Starry. She’s been having some odd “episodes”, and likes to be left alone to sleep curled up in my Slanket. She knows what she likes and likes to stay cozy and warm. Her episodes seem to take her a day to get over, then she’s back to her normal self. The vet can’t find anything wrong, so we just let her do her thing and give her lots of love and cookies!
– A little painting I did on a teeny canvas that kept appearing everywhere I looked. It needed some paint so I painted this little gal.
– Work continues on our Green Couch Designs site. It’s not done yet. The designer( cough- me- cough cough) has been really busy with other stuff. The cobbler’s kids and all that… sigh…

– I received my sample yardage for my new collection coming out with Robert Kaufman Fabrics in the next couple of months. I can’t share it online just yet, but I think you are going to squee when you see it!
– The awesome and uber talented Angela Fama came out this week to shoot photos for my feature coming up in Where Women Create Magazine! The issue will be out late summer, I’ll post more about it when it happens!
– My wonderful and thoughtful aunt gave me this lovely wrap bracelet to remind me to be strong and protect myself from negativity. Weird sh*t has gone down this past couple of years and she’s been so supportive and understanding, a kindred spirit that is for sure. And, btw, read this book.
– A little painting I did to hang in our office, just some fun play time with paint and a brush.  Doing a video while painting, and trying to hold the phone steady in one hand and paint with the other is hard yo’! But more videos will happen soon. Because it’s fun.
– Major clean up and tidy of my sewing studio and fabric stash for photo day. The far right cabinet is stuffed full of my own collections for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I left my spaces as real life as I could but tidy/organized. I can’t stand overly-styled images where spaces look like they are never used. Keep it real and it’s more interesting. There may still be a few dust bunnies or cobwebs in there, by the end I was so tired of cleaning, I just left them.
– Some doodley-doos. Sometimes you just need to play.
– A new Canadian theme collection I created, Oh Canada, which was requested but sadly was rejected by the fabric peeps, but it’s now up on Spoonflower right here!
– The time I designed a bacon quilt! I was so lucky to be asked to design a pattern for Cheryl Arkison’s book “You Inspire Me To Quilt”!
– Feeling a bit witchy.
– Some leggings I sewed for myself, I think I’m addicted. This fabric is from Spoonflower, their Sport Lycra, and the design is by Friztin, I’m a big fan of their work.  I may have already ordered more fabric in another of their designs to make more.

And that’s all the updates for now!