This month’s assignment in A Year of Painting with Alena Hennessy was to find your inner animal spirit. Mine came to me pretty quickly, I greatly identify with the black sheep, we stand in truth, always.

Over the past 3 or so years, I’ve been standing up for the truth, not just “my” truth, but *the* truth. People believe what & who they want to believe for their own reasons, even if it’s not true. I stopped defending myself because there’s no point.  It’s futile most of the time. But as time passes, the light seeps in, and eventually, people start to question and see through it all, just as I did, and see what’s really up.
I’ll always be a black sheep, and I am proud of that status and everything I learned, healed, purged, and fought for to get where I am now.
Nobody influenced me, nobody told me how to live my life or who to allow in it.  It’s all me. As it should be and as any normal human being should be allowed to be and decide.
There’s no going back, not ever. That was made very clear. So I dealt with it.
The old me is now gone.
And thank fuck for that.
Stand strong. Own it. You’re heard. You’re important. You matter. Your voice matters. You’ve got this.
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