I’ve been a designer on Spoonflower since pretty much the very beginning. I remember seeing a post about it on a blog and was like what?! I can design and print my own fabric, what what?! Omg! Dream come true!

They have had weekly design challenge contests since then, and I entered the very first one “Spoon and Flower”, not knowing how to create a proper repeat (I totally faked it!) and was so stoked when someone bought some of my design!

Since then, I’ve pretty much kept up with entering challenges weekly, and it sure helps keep you on your designer toes. Some weeks I’ve finished pretty high up in the rankings, even won a few, rubs knuckles on chest, and some I’ve finished waaaaay down at the bottom. With hundreds of entries every week it’s definitely a challenge to place near the top but it’s always fun no matter what, and I always learn something new each week.

Spoonflower has a fabulous magazine and they just released the newest one, and check it out, two of my tea towel designs were featured in it!

My Have A Drink on Me design, from the Prohibition Cocktails challenge in 2016, 5th place, that I handlettered/illustrated.

And my Bauhouses design, which finished 4th place in the Bauhaus theme design challenge in June this year.

How cool is that to be recognized and in such amazing company to boot. I’m super honoured and excited and it gives me that extra little kick– like hey! Keep going! – that we all need as designers sometimes.

I try to keep adding new designs to my shop as I work on other projects, so stay tuned for more as they happen! I’ve even got some of my Pretty Swe*ry designs up as fabric, in case you want some extra sassy pj pants or a little somethin’ somethin to add to a quilt or sewing project.

With much love and gratitude as always,