This past weekend, we went up to the Okanagan, BC to visit my wonderful aunt and uncle and cousins.  We had seen them recently at a gorgeous family wedding, and realized it was far too long since having a proper visit, so it was time!
We had a lovely time, got to visit with everyone, and were very well fed to boot!

My uncle mentioned that he had a loom from my late gran and would I like it?
Yes please!
It’s been something I’ve always wanted to learn, just never had the resources to investigate it much.

So Dorothy, the LeClerc model that she is, came to live with us!
Isn’t she a beaut!

And, as good luck would have it, a local weavers and spinners guild has beginner weaving classes starting up in the New Year, and, can take a look at her first to make sure she’s not missing any parts or pieces and is functioning as she should.

She has a project on her, it looks like perhaps a placemat, something my gran made lots of. I have one that it looks like she was testing tension and patterns, as it’s kinda wonky in shape, wide at one end and narrow at the other, and it’s my favorite thing ever.

So, something new to look forward to exploring!
I only wish I could ask my gran all about it, but I know she’d be so excited to know it’s going to be used again.
Oh the possibilities!


Have you ever revisited a craft, hobby, or something that was in the family but you’d never tried? What was it?