There’s something so special about creating an art piece for a friend. They are trusting you to bring their idea to life, and to have something special that you created to hang in their home is a real honour. Recently a friend asked me to create a special piece of art for her, based on a photo she had taken of one of her favorite places to walk in our local area, with her special pup. I was thrilled and honoured that she entrusted me to do this for her!

She gave me two photos of scenery, a view of the blueberry fields in autumn- if you haven’t seen it before, in fall, their leaves turn a brilliant glowing red and the acres of fields are like a huge magic red carpet- and one of our local mountains, along with some photos of her sweet dog.

I blended the photos together, drew it up, transferred it to the canvas, then created this piece for her.

Ruby Goes For A Walk

“Ruby Goes For A Walk”, 18″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas

It was so much fun to do, all the bright colours and movement in the fields, the bright blue, clear autumn sky, and her little dog saying, “Come on, let’s go!”

So very much fun, and such an honour to create. I’m so very lucky to have such a nice friend, and to be able to do this for her, and bring her vision to life, so exciting!

I’m discovering more and more that painting is my big time happy place, I just love going in to my art room, turning up the tunes, and playing with colour! And, coming up next, I am working on some commission pieces for the Abbotsford Hospice Society, so I’ll share more as they come to life. #feelingblessed