7 years

Colourful illustration of a skull with flowers growing out of it

Sneaking in under the wire for todays @wattsalot Draw with me on Instagram, today’s prompt flowers using supplied inspiration image.

So hey! This weekend marks 7 years no contact with the former f*mily.
I don’t celebrate in order to give them any more air time, power, thought, anything.
Fuck that.
Fuck them.
This is nothing to do with any of them.

I mark the day to celebrate ME.
7 Years of peace, freedom, relief.

They never knew me, and didn’t care.
They pushed me out then pretended to not know why I left.
They assumed I couldn’t think for myself & would just continue to take their escalating abuse.

They can keep it all, everything they took, stole, covered up, coerced, and lied about.
They got what they wanted and what they gunned for for so many years.
I hope it was allllll worth it to them.

I was just someone to blame, shame, and throw under the bus for every fucking thing wrong in their system that they built.
The faceless garbage can.

Life now is wonderful, happy, peaceful, calm, quiet.
The benefits of leaving an abusive f*mily system of dysfunction, narcissism, addiction, alcoholism, and insanity are so worth it.
It was never my fault, it was never anything I did. None of it.

Once I left, everything in me and about me they thought they killed, bloomed.
(Watch me now motherfuckers.)

They would hate that I love my life now. I’m happy and thriving.
I can live my life and just be me.
And that is the best place to be.

And yes, I am making a big ass chocolate cake to celebrate, because, cake. Because, me.

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  1. Cynthia, I love that you are celebrating you! Although not a family dynamic like yours, I too left an abusive, toxic relationships, The first year involved reflection, recovery and healing (and continued. celebrated the first ‘anniversary’ as the first day of the rest of my life, and never looked back. You are living your best life, the life YOU deserve. ❤️❤️

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