Our March calendar girl is here to announce that The Quirky Chappess 2020 calendars are now available for pre-order thru Oct.23!
To find out more, and, place your order, click here! 

March’s Chappess shares her story here….

You’re not too old and it’s not too late.

You feel an inner stirring that you can’t silence(and oh please don’t!).

You’re left in the lurch one too many times.

You’re let down, left behind, ignored, made to feel not good enough or not needed.

You feel your heart and soul screaming.

Maybe you wouldn’t conform.

Maybe you finally stood up and said “no thank you!”

Maybe you’ve just had enough ofplaying the game.

Maybe you’re done hiding.


We rise together.

Grab your emerging courage, your growing “fuck it” spirit.

Embrace your self, celebrate your battle scars, and go do your thing.

Find your tribe of fellow weirdos, the ones who have your back, and love on them huge.

It will be glorious.



This chappess is part of my 2020 calendar launching today!
Pre-orders are now open for one week, until October 23!
Orders will then be printed & shipped the week of the 28th.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns please do feel most welcome to email me!

Thanks so much for your support of me & my work, it means so much as an indie artist!

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