Be happy. It drives people crazy.

She once lived her life trying to fit in, and be somebody she wasn’t, keeping secrets and pretending she was happy.
But she wasn’t.
Deep in her heart she knew there was something that needed to change.
Spirit inside her stirred and she remembered that her happiness was all on her, not others.

She took one big bold step, and then another, and then another.
Soon she was merrily marching to her own beat.
Shining her heart.
Smiling at strangers- who may have thought she was strange, but whatevs.

The others did not like it and tried their hardest to spoil her heart, because they couldn’t find their own.
To take away what they never had or understood.
To ruin what she had worked so hard for.

Being truly happy makes some people crazy, because they don’t know how to get there themselves.
But their happiness is not up to you.
Not ever.
Only yours is.

Living your best life is the best revenge.
Let’s show ’em how it’s done.
Won’t you join us?
Yes please.

This chappess will be part of my 2020 calendar launching later this month!
I’ll be opening up pre-orders this week, stay tuned!
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