Giving a fuck doesn’t go with my outfit.
I wear what I want.
I usually don’t get the chance to get dressed up, but when I do, I wear alllll of my favorites.
I wear leopard print, and sparkles, and vintage gems.
The same goes when I give out my fucks.
I don’t have time for worrying about what others will think.
In fact, what they think is none of my business.
So, I keep my fucks for things that are my business.
Happiness, inspiration, kindness, moving forward, and being me.
That’s what keeps me marching onwards into the light.
What keeps you going?
What fires you up?
That’s where your heart is.
Everything else can melt away into the darkness, blurred out by the bright and brilliant love you shine forth.
This chappess will be part of my Quirky Chappess 2020 calendar launching later this month!
I’ll be opening up pre-orders the week of the 15th, stay tuned!
And yes, there will be swears in it, it’s just who we are. No offense intended nor taken.
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