Woot woot! My Farm to Tea Towel design came in 2nd place last week in Spoonflower’s weekly design challenge!

This design was inspired by the many, many hours I spent as a chalkboard artist in Vancouver, creating hand drawn restaurant menu boards, lugging my boxes of chalks around late at night after the restaurants had closed, and drawing until the wee hours, or very early before they opened.

If you’d like to order one, or some, you can either get them printed on yardage, to sew and finish them yourself, at Spoonflower here (choose Linen Cotton Canvas, and a Fat Quarter to get one, or a full yard to get 4), or, head over to Roostery where you can order them sewn and finished, all ready for you!

Dare I say it, Christmas and the holiday gift season is coming!  wink!

With much love and gratitude as always,