Hey hey! Thank you for hanging in with me over the past weeks of my 100ishdays100arts challenge!
I so appreciate every single one of you for sharing, purchasing, supporting, and cheering me on. Every sale helps support me and my little family and every kind comment helps keep me going! Making 100 pieces of art is definitely a challenge, not so much for the actual making of each piece, but for time. Life happens, and there’s work to do, dogs to walk, errands to run, you know how it goes.

So! I’m pulling my “ish” card for the rest of this week to get caught up on client work, licensed art submissions, and of course, making more art for this challenge!
I’ll be back on Monday with day #39’s piece (and beyond).

I hope you’ll stick around and keep checking it out!
If the daily emails are getting annoying, or it’s not your cup of tea, no worries at all. I get it and if you unsubscribe it’s all a-ok.
I do post on Instagram and Facebook so you can always check out pieces that way instead. (But I hope you’ll stay with me!)

I’ve also added a link over there on the right sidebar with any pieces that have not yet sold, so far there are still two anxiously awaiting their new homes!

Massive thanks for all of your support so far and see you on Monday!