Day 32, Piece #32, $32 (free shipping)

A new spring scarf for today, in a flowery print that I designed. I was so inspired by our trip to Paris, gosh now almost 8 years ago!- and our day trip to Giverny and Monet’s house and garden. The day we went it was raining, but the gardens were in full bloom and we were in France and who cares if it’s raining!

When we got back, I designed a collection inspired by the gardens and all the flowers, and, the rain. And of course, everyone in Paris was wearing a pretty scarf, so it was  a no brainer that I needed to make one to go with the theme.

So it was kinda funny that today when I needed to take photos outside of this piece, it’s pouring rain!

Anyway, I love the rain. And this scarf has a few real rain drops on it now, and some iridescent Swarovski crystals mixed in for good measure and sparkle.

So you get an idea of size, it measures approximately 14-1/4″ x 50″. Printed digitally on cotton voile, designed by me!

With a hand rolled hem, handstitched by me. And now I’m addicted to this method so no more machine hems on these lovelies.

Piece info:

Hand-finished scarf, made of Cotton Voile, and printed digitally, with art created by me!
Embellished with iridescent Swarovski crystals.
Size: Approx. 50″ long by 14-1/4″ wide
Ok to hand wash in cold, hang to dry
Ok to iron, warm/low iron, but avoid crystals/don’t iron over them

Shipping is included. I will also have one more of these coming up at a later date. When? Stay tuned!

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Thank you!!! If you miss out, Piece #33 is coming up tomorrow for only $33! Watch this space!

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