Day 26, Piece #26, $26 (free shipping)

Today you can score two two two pieces for the price of one! I just felt these two needed to go together. Inspiration struck and the universe told me to do it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Wink!

This tiny pouch holds just a few essentials, big enough to keep your heart happy, but not so huge that things get lost inside. Kind of like your soul, keeping what’s important close and safe, the rest can just bugger off. Ha!

Back view

Sometimes you just need a small reminder that you are enough. You are beautiful as you are.

Front view

Shine with all you’ve got, share your gorgeous heart and spirit.

And to go with, a reminder you can stick on your fridge or memo board (it’s magnetic!) or frame,  just because it’s always good to remember how truly gorgeous you are, inside and out.



Pouch: 6″ x 4″
Acrylic, acrylic ink on canvas, with nylon zip, lined with quilting weight cotton in a dark pink and red tiny “plus” sign print.
Protected with water-based varnish

Please do not wash or get wet! Ok to gently spot clean.


Painting: 4″ x 4″
Acrylic, acrylic ink, gold glitter, on canvas board
Protected with water-based varnish
Bonus- board has a flat magnet on back, so you can put it on your fridge! (Or frame it!)

Shipping is included. One of a kind, only ONE of each available!

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Pieces are selling fast and within seconds, it’s so exciting! Sometimes it’s been happening that two (or more) buyers might click thru to purchase at the exact same moment and the payment does go through.  Of course there’s only one piece per day, so in the event there are more than one purchasers at once, the one that came first in the queue through Paypal will get the piece and the other(s) will be refunded. I feel terrible when this happens but know I’m so honoured you want to purchase my work & there’s lots more coming up! 

Thank you!!! If you miss out, Piece #27 is coming up tomorrow for only $27!

There are going to be more small 4″x4″ pieces coming up on random days, and more goodies to mark milestones too!  

With much love and thanks!

SOLD! Thank you!