Day 18, Piece #18, $18 (free shipping)

She’s found that a grateful heart lifts her spirit, and her life begins to bloom even bigger the more she practices gratitude. She’s grateful for everything, right down to the pink painty freckles on her face and her heart that was busted open and then rebuilt. She wants you to know that finding gratitude in everything, even in the “bad” things that sometimes happen, is the way to forgive and let go, since if the bad things didn’t happen, you might not ever dig in to find out what the truly good things are.

Piece info: 

Acrylic, permanent ink, gold glitter, and one Swarovski crystal, on canvas board
Protected with water-based varnish

Shipping is included. One of a kind, only ONE available!

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Thank you!!! If you miss out, Piece #19 is coming up tomorrow for only $19, stay tuned and thank you for supporting me and my work!

There are going to be more small 4″x4″ pieces coming up on random days, and a few other goodies too! Once we hit piece #21, I’m going to be switching up the time that they go live, just to keep things exciting! Stay tuned!!

With much love and thanks!

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