I’ve been really trying to stay caught up with my art and keep set studio time every day, which is partly what my #100ishdays100arts challenge is all about. But I’m finding that my design and illustration work hours are needing more attention- hello client work and licensed art to create! Client work always comes first, always.

Licensed art work is a lot about portfolio building, and I’m feeling very fortunate for my agent and the projects she’s landed for me. Some pretty exciting ones coming out soon, I’ll share more when I can. Of course all the art for this part of what I do takes a lot of time, researching trends, colours, styles, and experimenting. What I do in this space is pretty different from my other work. And, I don’t get paid for any of it unless it gets licensed, it’s all done on my own time.

Same goes for painting, and painting for me is mostly about being in the right mindspace. I’ve been pretty worried over our little dog Starr, she hasn’t been doing so well with ongoing terribly infected ears. Our new vet is getting us on the right path, we have an appointment in Vancouver next week for her with a surgeon/specialist who will fingers crossed hopefully fast-track her for surgery. But it’s stressful, on her and on us, obviously, and painting just hasn’t been in the forefront really at all lately.

Add to that keeping up with my online shops- Society 6, Red Bubble, Spoonflower, Poster Lounge, and I’m feeling like I’m rushing and don’t have enough time to really focus in on any one thing. Something has to give. At least temporarily.

So, I’m going to put my #100ish days challenge on hiatus for the next week, I plan to continue with it but have to get caught up with all the other fun things first!

I sure hope you all are enjoying the pieces and daily posts! I’ll bring them back asap following this coming week.

Much love and thanks for all of your support and encouragement, it means so much to me!