I always see the 100DayProject pop up on Instagram and consider giving it a go, but then get sidetracked, as you do, and never get started. Then I see all this amazing art and all these cool projects taking shape & be like dammit! I just gotta do this!

So I decided to give it a shot this year, and use it as a way to be accountable and create art regularly for my agent and my online shops. My original plan was to do 100 days of greeting cards, which I LOVE doing, but then I morphed it into 100 Days of Art for my Agent & Shops, since as much as I love creating greeting cards, I do a lotta other stuff too! Fabric, greeting cards, print-on-demand items, and all that goodness. And I participate in the design challenges at Spoonflower so wanted to include that work too, since it’s a big part of what I do pretty much every week.

The 100 Day Project started April 2, and here is my art so far! (I am a few days behind but will be catching up this weekend).
I wrote descriptions for each one, that you can find on my Instagram account here. 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 6 (see day 5 below!)



But this one really seemed to reach out a bit more, so the post that went with it is below.

Day 5

And the comments I’ve received in response have been amazing, supportive, understanding, and empowering.

I heard from some fellow brave scapegoats and truthseekers, who have experienced very similar things and I feel now more than ever that it’s important to share the truth and share my story. To share OUR stories. Reading other people’s stories and experiences has helped me so much, and, sharing my own helps me as well as others. Just knowing that somebody else out there has been through it too and “gets” it, and that maybe they can find some answers or clues in your story to help them, that’s all there is. I don’t share to make myself out to be a victim or try to get sympathy, not ever, ever, and it never crosses my mind. I share to help. That’s it.

Day 5, radiate love.
I grew up in a very chaotic, dysfunctional, narcissistic, alcoholic household. It was about survival, staying small and off the radar. Shut up, don’t say anything, that didn’t really happen, keep quiet. There were no hugs, no I love you’s, not much of anything. Add to that a toxic mix of bullying at school where my life was pretty hellish & my being painfully shy, it’s a wonder I survived at all.

Inside you’re screaming! This isn’t right! Why do I have to put up with this! This isn’t normal! Why won’t anyone listen or believe me or help me? You wonder will they ever wake up & see that what they are doing isn’t right?
Fact is, they don’t and they won’t. Denial. Deflecting, blaming & shaming. Something they continued to do up until a couple of years ago, and until I woke up to it & said enough is enough. I am done.

I took a huge step out & back and went no contact. There was no other way. I looked at it all, studied patterns & read read read as much as I could about it, & holy shit. There just was no love there. They just do not care & never really did.

So that has made me go the opposite direction, & I am learning how to share love & love the me I am finally becoming now I am free. I know now that love is all there is. There’s no fear, only love. And that changes everything.

So I’m sending out some love to you. If you’re on your own journey, keep love in your heart & radiate that stuff out, shining your love to light the way. The rest will fall by the wayside, the rats will scurry away into the dark, & nothing else matters. Only love.

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I’ll be changing things up as I go, posting more like these, some projects that span a few days, some art, fabric, more cards, a bit of what I do every day in this crazy creative journey. I actually do something creative every day but sometimes don’t share it if it’s not finished or is something that isn’t super interesting, but over this project I plan to share more, and maybe some Instagram Stories too.

With much love and gratitude, and thank you for supporting me and my work and all the kind comments, shares, and encouragement!