It’s been quite the busy past few weeks! I’m a tiny bit behind in my plans for my self-challenge of 100 pieces of art in 100 (-ish) days, so will be officially starting on Monday March 5. But for good reasons!

First, my mini show at The Mission Arts Council Gallery goes in today. Since it’s going in the tea room area, which is adjoined to the main gallery at the back, I went for a tea theme for my pieces.

This piece is inspired by Heavenly Cream, which is a Sloane Tea. (They sell it online of course, but also locally at Clayburn Village Store if you’re looking for it- it’s delish!) I did 3 new pieces plus some cards to go with, along with my painted pouches.

Everything will be for sale at the gallery until end of April, so much fun!


My licensed art agent has been keeping me busy and things are starting to take off with that side of things which is so exciting! I have a huge project I’m working on this month as well, part of which is due tomorrow, and the rest for end of March. It’s really exciting, I’ll share more about all of it when I can but so far my art I know will be coming out next year in some big box stores on some fun products, which is so cool, if I do say so myself. So exciting. It’s all exciting!


And I’ve been working on my Society 6 shop and adding new designs to it. I’ve been getting loads of requests for special phrases, and adding those to my shop as well.

Love them or hate them, it’s all a-ok. I know the language isn’t for everyone, and quite honestly I don’t even swear that much myself, lol! I just think it’s funny, and a funny juxtaposition of pretty and salty. Like oooh pretty mug! Oh hey, wait a sec… lol.

The story behind them is that one day I was working with a client in the design side of what I do, and they were being particularly difficult for no reason. The kind of stuff that the website Clients From Hell is all about.  And I was feeling really grateful that I work from home and that this client could never be in my space and I’d never have to actually work with them in person. But then I thought, what if they could just walk in to my office (shudder) and how funny would it be if I had a mug expressing my feelings about working with them on that day sitting on my desk, and what it would say, and even if they didn’t notice it, I would know it was there. Take a sip, ahhhh. giggle

So, I asked my friends on Facebook, what are your favorite colourful phrases? And they delivered! And it was total hilarity, which is the intention behind these designs. No offense intended at all, just for laughs.
Some words I do veto, and some phrases are just a bit too much or come off as a bit too aggressive, but for the most part, I’m glad to accommodate requests, especially when they’re on the funnier side of things.

I also get asked a lot about wholesaling. Society 6 is a print on demand site, and my involvement is that I create the art, upload it, and set it up on their products for sale. I don’t sell or produce the items directly myself, but if you’re looking for wholesale info, they do have more info about it on their website right here.


And for a different side of things, I’m creating a little collection of designs that are not sweary, but geared towards those of us who are black sheep. I fully embrace that aspect of me now as it’s led me to some really good things and people, and I’m proud of myself for finally standing up for  myself and for what’s right, and not playing along with dysfunctional games to not rock the boat. No more of that. Nope. Not ever.

I’ll be adding this design plus a few more in the collection to my Society 6 shop shortly!

(Gosh I love my iPad, have I mentioned that lately, lol)

I’ve always been into lettering and love handlettering even more now using Procreate. It just works, and it feels like drawing by hand on paper but just that much easier to edit and adjust. Love it! And I love how I can work on it then export files directly to my work computer so easily. I never thought I needed an iPad but now I can’t live without it.

So! Onwards we go! Stay tuned for the 100 days art project starting Monday! I’ll be emailing my subscribers list tomorrow with more details, and posting here about it too, more very soon!

With much love and gratitude as always,